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Cosmetic Dentistry in Corunna

Cosmetic dental treatments let you get the smile you want. We provide a full range of treatments from minor touch-ups to full-mouth makeovers.

Same Day Veneers

You can quickly change the appearance of your smile with same-day veneers. These tiny porcelain shells are placed on your visible teeth to make them appear whiter, straighter, and more even.


Lumineers are very thin veneers that can be placed without anesthetic or alteration to your natural teeth. Ask us if you may be a candidate!

Contouring and Bonding

We can change the shape and appearance of a single tooth by adding composite material (bonding) or removing enamel (contouring). These techniques are used for touch-up treatments to remove chips or stains or change the shape of a single tooth.

Ceramic Crowns

Cosmetic ceramic crowns totally replace a single tooth to change its appearance. They are normally recommended when a tooth can’t be treated with veneers or bonding. We provide same-day crowns that can be placed in a single appointment.

Contact our office today to book a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Dr. Christopher Harper

Meet Your Corunna Dentist: Dr. Harper

Hello, and welcome to our practice! We hope you’ll find us to be a friendly and welcoming neighbourhood dental office where you’ll feel like part of the family. We’re a community-oriented practice and we always look forward to seeing old patients and meeting new ones.

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