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Periodontal Maintenance in Corunna

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a potentially serious health condition that can be caused by gum infections and other factors. It can result in bad breath, tooth loss, painful chewing and other complications. Fortunately, gum disease is usually preventable. We provide periodontal maintenance services to keep your gums healthy.


Some children are born with a condition called tongue-tied, where the connective tissue between the tongue and gums is too tight. To treat this condition we can surgically remove the connective tissue and relieve the tension.

Scaling and Root Planing

Tartar buildup on your teeth can cause irritation and inflammation in the gums, which can lead to infection and gum disease. To remove this buildup we use deep scaling techniques using special tools such as an ultrasonic scaler.

Root planing is used to remove irregularities in the surface of your tooth roots. Like tartar buildup, these roughened areas can cause irritation and pocket formation in your gums. By smoothing the roots we prevent this irritation from happening.


Having a tooth extracted can be a stressful experience for many patients. Extractions are performed when a tooth has become too badly damaged to restore or infection has weakened the tissue surrounding the tooth. The tooth is removed to protect the adjacent teeth from further injury. If an extraction is required we will work with you to help you understand your treatment and your options for replacing the lost tooth with a bridge or dental implant.

The best defence against gum disease is prevention. Book a dental exam and cleaning today!

Dr. Christopher Harper

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