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Dental Implants in Corunna

Dental implants are restorations that mimic the form and function of missing natural teeth. Implant-supported restorations range from a single crown to a multiple-tooth restoration such as a bridge or denture. Because implants are permanent, they can last a lifetime with proper care, although the restorations may need to be repaired or replaced due to wear.

How implants work

In simple terms, an implant is a titanium device that is surgically implanted into your jaw bone. Once the implant has been placed it forms a permanent bond with the surrounding bone, which provides a secure and stable foundation for restorations. Once the implant has healed, restorations such as a crown can be attached to the implant. For bridges and dentures we may use multiple implants to provide a more stable foundation.

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Dr. Christopher Harper

Meet Your Corunna Dentist: Dr. Harper

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