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Sports Guards and Night (Bite) Appliances in Corunna

Sports guards and appliances protect your teeth from injury. We offer custom made models that are formed to fit the contours of your mouth and fit comfortably.

Bite Appliances

Jaw clenching and teeth grinding can damage your teeth and jaw. For patients who grind their teeth while they sleep we offer bite appliances that prevent grinding. The appliances are custom made to fit your mouth and minimize interference with your sleep.

Sports Guards

If you play contact sports like hockey, your teeth could be vulnerable to injury. To protect them, you should wear an impact-absorbing sports guard. Our custom guards fit over your teeth without sliding or interfering with your game.

Contact our office today to learn more about guards and appliances or to make an appointment.

Dr. Christopher Harper

Meet Your Corunna Dentist: Dr. Harper

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