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Endodontics in Corunna

Root canal treatment is used to save a damaged tooth from needing to be extracted. If a tooth is injured or compromised by decay, the soft inner tissue, called the pulp, can be vulnerable to infection. By removing the pulp, root canal therapy prevents infection from occurring so the tooth can be retained.

How does root canal treatment work?

Treatment consists of drilling a hole in the damaged tooth and removing the soft tissue inside. Once the pulp has been removed, the tooth is disinfected and repaired. After treatment, the tooth can be restored with a dental crown.

Aren’t root canals painful?

Root canal treatment is done under a local anesthetic, so the procedure itself is virtually pain-free. You may feel some localized aching and discomfort after treatment, similar to getting a tooth filled.

If you’ve damaged a tooth, or if you are experiencing symptoms such as a severe toothache or sensitivity to heat and cold, contact us to book an examination.

Dr. Christopher Harper

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